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Let Finish Line Car Wash help your group raise money for your next fundraiser! With Finish Line’s Fundraiser Program there is no money needed upfront! You drive in, we clean the cars, you get a check!

No Inventory! No Sponges! No Money Up Front! No Over Inflated Prices! Extremely Convenient for your Supporters! No Asking for Donations! Your Supporters Need or Want this Product!

Fundraiser Question & Answer:

1. How much does this cost? Absolutely nothing! We cover any printing and set up expenses!

2. How much will your group make? We start off each fundraiser with a minimum of 100 cards to be sold. If you start selling and want more cards please let us know asap so we can get more ordered. We have a 50 card minimum for printing purposes. Sell 100 Cards, turn in $600 to us and keep the other $600 for your organization. Sell as many as you like!

3. Who makes the barcode? We will take care of that for you.

4. What do we need from your group? We will need your organization logo, some dates for the 2 week fundraiser, and registration sheet completed.

5. Who can do a fundraiser? Any nonprofit organization? We are always looking to be involved in the community and help any way we can! Schools, PTO’s, Sports Teams, Athletic Groups, Non-Profits, Churches, People to People, Relay for Life Teams, Boy & Girl Scout Troops, and Many More.

6. How does this work? You and your organization will sell the cards. We do the dirty work! The more you sell, the more you make. You have 2 weeks to sell the cards. Each card is worth $12 and when you sell a card, you keep $6 and you turn in $6. Each card does have a $12 value. You are responsible for lost or stolen cards.

7. What services can we use for this? There is no particular service that is with the card. There is just a $12 value. Each card does have a 6 month expiration. We do not offer change for the card. The card can be used for any of our services but must total a minimum of $12.

8. What is the best way to generate the fastest results? Start with a good meeting with your group discussing a strategy. Use facebook, email, and other social media to get this started quickly. Use events, games, meetings, and other large gatherings to promote your fundraiser.

9. Why shouldn’t we do this on our own? Professional Car Washes like ours are environmentally friendly. College studies show that driveway washing uses about twice the water as a commercial wash. More importantly when you wash in front of a business or at home your waste water goes into our river, lakes, and streams. When washing with us, your water is properly handled to reduce the environmental impact!

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Pricing differs per location. Please check with your local car wash to see full pricing available. 

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